A transitional space that’s easy on the eyes.



Little Rock, Arkansas




12,000 square feet


ASID Excellence in Design Silver Award

The Little Rock Eye Clinic purchased a new office space and hired WER Architects to renovate the office and create a space that would allow their clientele to have a one-stop experience for all of their eye-care needs. With five doctors specializing in various types of eye care, the space needed to move people through efficiently, without long waiting times.

Multiple waiting zones were created to allow each doctor to have his/her own area.  After check-in, patients are immediately directed to their doctor’s zone.

The design utilizes warm and cool tones with a mixture of wood types to create a transitional space that is friendly and inviting for any age group of patients. The design team developed the idea of the “Squircle” reception desk, which came to serve as a hub for the open space.

Considering this a healthcare facility led to designing the flooring in such a way that no transition strips were used – therefore, no trip hazards for patients with impaired eyesight or any other disability. Specific rooms were also created for patients to recover from eye dilation.

Little Rock Eye Clinic

The surroundings are intentionally lower contrast to be easy on the eyes, with pops of creamy white to create a clean, fresh up-to-date look.