Mason Ellis



Mason joined WER in 2006 to gain experience in all aspects of the design process with a special interest in WER’s historic preservation work. Mason has been a vital employee on the many teams that he has worked on involving new construction, renovation and historic preservation. He has had many opportunities to advance his level of experience with projects that involve careful interpretation and technical recreation of historic buildings throughout the state of Arkansas as well as the design of new buildings within a contextual vocabulary. Mason has been a vital component within WER to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) to the design and production process. In 2007 WER made the decision that all new projects in the office were to be produced in BIM. Mason was one of the first to receive training and then incorporate that training to establishing the BIM guidelines for the production staff. As a result 100% of the production staff at WER has now been trained in BIM. Mason is a board member of studioMAIN, president of Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas and a member of the XXX Leadership Greater Little Rock class. He also received the 2017 Sustain the Rock Award in the Individual Category for his commitment to making the City of Little Rock a more sustainable place to work and live.